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     Hi. My name is Ron Grillo.  I have been happily married for 39 years to my best friend and wonderful wife, Jill, and with whom every adventure in my life has been enhanced by my being able to share it with her. She brightens up our household and is always there, by my side... how lucky I am to have found her.
     We were blessed with our son, Ronnie, who is warm and caring, and certainly a son any parent would be proud to have. We are so proud of the man he has grown up to be. As all parents do, you try to instill in your children all the best that you can, but there are never any guarantees as to how our children will grow up... we can only hope and pray. As for us, our son has never disappointed us.
     As for the remainder of our family, I cannot leave out our fur babies:  Hermione (our dog), Boss Man (our 18.6 lb cat), and our newest addition, Luna. We love them all. And in tribute to our past fur babies: (our cats Buckwheat, Stymie, Gemini, Sable, Scooter, Hobo, and our son's dog, Hulk) we miss them all!

     Member of:  A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy, An InterSpiritual, InterFaith, InterConnected Community, Linking Spirit and Service, membership only available to those who have attended and been ordained through a seminary, and not online.                       I have a multi-cultural/multi-religious background, and am a student of all of the major religions of the world and open to all persons accepting of the principles: "Treat others as you would have them treat you"; and, "We are all God's children."
     For me, becoming a minister was a dream come true.  Having been in the business world for over 20 years I finally decided to fulfill a childhood dream, a calling that I had always felt, and so in 1992 I began my studies to become an interfaith minister. I completed my studies at the New Seminary and was ordained at St. John the Divine in New York City in 1994.                                           I like to describe myself as a minister of the people, someone who is just as comfortable interacting with large groups, as well as one-on-one.   Besides performing weddings, baby blessings, memorial services, etc., I also work, both from a spiritual and holistic (mind/body) perspective, with persons/families who are facing chronic and terminal illnesses, and have been doing this from 1989 to the present.
​     I have been invited to act as a visiting minister to conduct services or present a sermon at, for example, Pennybyrn at Maryfield chapel, Winston-Salem Friends (Quaker) Church, Unity Church.
      When working with wedding couples, I have always tried to be as helpful as possible, not only in creating the ceremony of their choice, but also in providing free material to them, such as Wedding Checklists, Procession information and charts, wedding license information, name change information, suggestions of popular poems and/or songs, informative material on customs and traditions of weddings, both nationally and internationally.
      When it comes to doing interfaith weddings, I have not only the most complete group of material to offer couples, but more importantly, the most experience to offer them when I am performing interfaith ceremonies because that is part of my personal background.  Because interfaith was part of my personal learning and belief, I grew up being respectful and mindful of different customs, traditions and beliefs of the different cultures, and so I am able to bring that personal experience to all interfaith couples that I meet. Additionally, for some couples I am able to add blessings in, for example, Hebrew, or parts of some ceremonies in Spanish, such as a brief opening, or marriage vows.  To date, I have performed over 1,000 ceremonies. And I look forward to having the honor of performing many more in the years to come.
     Last, but not least, I act as Minister/Animal Chaplain for individuals and families who are coping with the loss or possible loss of their animal companion(s), by providing pet blessings, celebration of life ceremonies, and bereavement support.  I also work with their remaining animal companions who also may be mourning the loss of their companion.
**To view my animal chaplain site, just type in: Ron Grillo, animal chaplain